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Harold Masters 

I have researched my family from South Yorkshire down to Warwickshire,Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire were I feel that William aka Richard's grandfather came from.

Pou Vaeau 

Kia orana.  I hail from the island of Penrhyn in the Northern Cook Islands.  I grew up there most of my life and thoroughly am competent with our oral historical background.  I am however extremely insulted at the "ping pong" writeup by Elliot Smith contained on your site.  This is grossly inaccurate and is the ultimate insult to my people.  I can confidently say that nothing of the sort is practised or have ever been practised throughout the history of the Tongareva people.  Mr Smith is an American expatriate who, without concrete basis, arrogantly fabricates his fictional version of so called pingpong excursions by Tongarevans for reasons I do not understand.  This account depicts my people wrongly for so long and must be corrected immediately.  I know that such practices exist on a particular island in the Northern Group, however, I cannot disclose this out of respect and tradition.

Your time and attention is most appreciated.

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Sue Tavares 


hello to everyone i am doing research on my ancesters and maybe someone has some knowledge  here go's
I was born Suzette L Vaudry on 2/8/1954 my mom( who i never knew) was born in
Honolulu on 6/30/1927  her birth name was Del Kaiu Piltz, she was adopted on11/28/1934 by a family named Apuna,Samuel and lily Apuna in Honolulu and I think her name was changed to Anita L Apuna.  then on 6/21/1943 was adopted by her biological grandmother listed on birth certificate as Elizabeth L Ka-ne, and her name changed to Del Kaiu Ka-ne. father is listed as George Emil Piltz age 18 when she was born.  I am looking for any info on piltz from cook islands I have paperwork that george was a jr his dad George Emil Piltz Sr his mom listed as Lily Pua Alapai I was told the piltz brothers settled in the cook islands if anyone has knowledge of these names please contact me at thanks

Craig Uhler 

I visited Palmerston in 1993 on my trimaran, Kiku Maru along with my then companion Robyne Dillon.  I have a number of photos that I can share and countless fantastic memories.  I would like to say hello to all that were there.  Where can I send copies of the photos?

John Roberts, website author 


Following the BBC radio, TV and on line report about Palmerston, the most frequently asked question I'm receiving is "how can I get there?" 

BBC reporter,  Thomas Martienssen went the very long (and wrong) way round.   Palmerston is, indeed around 900 miles and 8 or nine days sailing from Tahiti, but it's just 310  miles and typically two days sailing from the Cook Islands capital island of Rarotonga.   A warning are few and far between, but ask at the harbour master's office about any planned sailings.   They are much more likely from Raro than Tahiti.  Secondly, you can't (or shouldn't) just turn up at Palmerston.  You should go through one of  five designated ports of entry...Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu in the Southern Group, and Penrhyn and Pukapuka in the Northern Group (although it's highly unlikely anyone will actually know you've broken this particular law!)

mackinson chandrasekara 

pleas give the details of how can i go over there and how can i contact a person in Palmerston island.

thank you & regards

Keith Haithwaite 

I visited Rarotonga in 1967 as part of an RAF crew flying in Hastings TG 516 aircraft. Time has dimmed the memory somewhat but I'll never forget the beauty of the islands and the wonderful, wonderful people, especially the young family we gave a lift to and who presented us with beautiful necklaces made out of shells. I still have mine and when I occasionally take it out I am transported back to that beautiful place. Thank you all for such wonderful memories.

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Matavia T Marsters 

I was born in the Cook Islands and am descendant of 1st and second wife of William Marsters, so where i stand i need to know.
I could have information off earliar years from my mama aS a child.
Who Knows?
Love to all Marsters Family, Love to you Early and Sylvia and family xxx and Sonny and Sarah and kids xxx

adam turn marsters 

Awesome website. Much love to all the marsters family from the queensland marsters familys

Norman Travis 

Your site is very good for keeping in touch after my wonderful holiday in 2011.Keep up the good work.

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Frank Marsters 

Really enjoyed looking at this very informative website!  One day I'd like to visit.

Frank Harrison Marsters, III
Houston Texas

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Mitchell Manuel 


I'd love to run free workshops in Rarotonga at the end of year since I'll be there for three weeks over the 2013 Xmas period. I would teach people how to make digitized patterns using Adobe Illustrator 6, supply the Software for Free as well as Free designs. You must have a PC or laptop with a Windows operating system. Check out my designs:

What do I want in return? Pictures of completed design on fabric or Artistic medium. I want to look at publishing a book based on my designs and can't make every one of them so I'm asking others to in exchange for the teaching, software and free patterns.

Alf Eker 

Visit Cook Island 2006 "trip around world with  400
Scandinavians, stay at Edgewater hotel
Never forget this Days.
Hope we can visit Cook again
Alf and Inger Eker
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