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Alf Eker 

Visit Cook Island 2006 "trip around world with  400
Scandinavians, stay at Edgewater hotel
Never forget this Days.
Hope we can visit Cook again
Alf and Inger Eker

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Kia orana, Great to find your website via youtube!  I am planning a holiday in Raro in the next month or so.  Can't wait!  Thanks for being in cyberspace!

Debra Billings 

Kia Orana!
I will be headed out to Rarotonga within the next couple of weeks. Striking out on my own with this and very excited. Anybody else headed that way soon? My dates are May  20th-June 1st, and would love to possibly meet up if you plans match up!


Kia orana,
We will be arriving by cruise ship on Sunday, April 21 and after reading this site, I wonder if there will be anything open on a Sunday. All the must-do places are either not open or available on Sunday and the bus doesn't run on Sunday to even go to Muri beach. Might you have any suggestions for transportation or things that may be happening since 2000 people are going to be in town that day? Thank you!!

Chris Savins 


I visit your site regularly as it brings back to me [sitting here in a seemingly eternally chilly, grey England] the warm, perfumed breeze and all of the wondeful places and sites I experienced during a short, but magical stay in the islands some 3 years ago. And the people and the music. I have fond memories of sitting at the Ship Wreck Bar of the Aroa Beach Hotel sipping cocktails out of Jim's unique 'jars' and speaking to the legendary Don Silk who was gracious enough to sign a copy of his fascinating book of memoirs for mef..after I had bought a copy, of course!


This site has helped me tremendously, however I still have not found what I am looking for and wish someone could please help me.  This actually may tie into the public swimming pool comment as well.  I am friends with a gentlemen that has property that he is wishing to sell.  I understand the whole leased land thing, but how can I go about getting information on it?  It may be listed under his name or Kalos Kagathos Foundation


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina .. bye

John - website author 

Hi Janice.  There is no public swimming pool on Rarotonga and that's been an issue for competitive swimmers for a long time.  I'll email your privately with a more detailed reply and a suggestion.

Janice Mortimer 

We are planning a move to Rarotonga within the year. Our daughter is a paralympic swimmer.  She won 2 golds, a silver and a bronze in London this past summer.  I was wondering if Rarotonga has a training pool and if not, is there a pool available to rent?


I love the weather rock! I need to get myself one like that!

Glen Williams (Keleni) 

Ko pe wea kotou. Ka maara au te motu lelei. No no ai kotou wakalelei.

I hope to visit again one day.


roy steele 

Most informative article. Thank you ... 
R.P.C-S Cornwall UK

David Armstrong Marsters 33yo 

to all the MARSTERS FAMILY around the world and on palmerston island, HELLO! my Parents are Joe and Joy Marsters, we moved to australia when i was a baby, i am 33years old the youngest of 4 boys Richard, Joe jnr, Robert, i have a young family of 3children a boy 8yo and 2girls 7 and 6, i/ we would love to come and visit you all and maybe bring the family along and learn and experience your ways of life on the island.


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Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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John, Website author 

Kia orana's certainly possible to visit all 13 of the inhabited islands.  Have a look at my website page about exploring the islands .  If you need more specific advice, email me.  


Kia Orana!

I plan on visiting the beautiful Cook Islands for the first time in September / October 2013 and I want to make it a personal mission to visit almost all of the Southern and Norther Group of islands - please could anyone tell me if this is possible or will it just be a pipe dream?

Any help, advice, comments, recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Rose helm 

I was an Olympic Volunteer for London 2012 and met some of your athletes as they arrived into Heathrow terminal one. This was special to me as I live in Whitby North Yorkshire England which is where Capt Cook learnt to sail, and The Endeavour in which he sailed is a big part of history. The games were so fantastic and well done to ALL the athletes who came and took part in the amazing Lomdon 2012 Games. For me personally it was truly a once in a lifetime experience now 63 yrs old I was delighted to be a volunteer in the transport team. Good wishes to you all one day I home to come to the Cook Islands, we have visited Australia and New Zealand.


A few years ago I sent you a comment and question looking for some friends that I met over 30 years ago and you answered me. I actually bookmarked the page but it was no longer there. I see that you had to take down some of your posts and unfortunately mine was in that section of posts. I am looking for a family that lived on Patiti Beach. I am not headed to New Zealand and was going to see if I could possibly meet up with at least one of the family members. I got to spend several days with this family. I don't know the exact number of children, but I know of two daughters. The older daughter, I can't remember her name but we used to write back and forth. The younger daughter was named Toretia. She had heart condition and actually went to New Zealand when she was under 10 years of age to have open heart surgery. The last time you messaged me back in 2009, I think you said she had moved to New Zealand. There were two brothers I remember. The elder son's name was Ngaro and from what you told me last time, he was killed in a motor bike accident. The other son's name was Roterto, or something close to that. I would really love to touch bases with this family once again. I don't know if the parents are still living or not. I know that the elder daughter that I mentioned was close to my age. I am hoping that they would still remember me. I sent them framed pictures of all the members of the family that were there the several days I was with them and, like I said before I was in constant contact with the elder daughter for several years, but in moving and some setbacks I had lost contact with them. Can you give me any insight as to this family? If any of them still live in Aitutaki, I would love to know how they are doing and that I still think of them on a daily basis. Thank you for your time.


Website author's note:  I'm afraid I can't help but maybe someone reading this can.  I will happily pass on all messages 

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